Full disclosure, we are big adventure fans. Our idea of a good time usually has some sort of activity roped into it, followed by a few drops of inspiration and finished off with good company and a delicious meal. So, it seemed only natural for us to create the second part of our sustainable gift guide surrounding experiences and inspiration. What better way to kick of 2019 than to give someone the gift of become their very best self.


For the Soulful Entrepreneur

Jaqueline Jennings


Speaking of… Jacqueline Jennings has just the thing. Through her inspirational retreats she dishes up all the ingredients to start embodying your hearts desires. She believes that the greatest gift we can give to ourselves or to those around us is carving out the time to get down to whats important. Her retreats run this year in May, and are packed full of creative “ah ha” moments waiting to happen. Can’t fully commit to a week away? No worries, she also does one on one coaching to focus solely on your needs, in order to become intentional with your time and achieve your greatest goals.


For The Loves in your Life

Tori Swanson


This incredible woman embodies self love. She coaches it, speaks it and she brings it to life. The black brush strokes that gracefully dance across her canvas guided by the curves of her muses, make any woman realize her true beauty. Tori not only sells her beautifully crafted intimate portraits, but you can also book her for private events to let those creative juices flow with your favourite pals. Or, consider a gift for that special someone, take a shot of tequila, shimmy down to your birthday suit and have her paint a portrait of your own.


For the Mindful Worker



With the amount of entrepreneurs on the rise, coffee shops are starting to put up signs that ban it’s clients from using laptops at their tables, and strategically not providing internet for nomads alike. What is the remote worker supposed to do, sit at home and fall into a bought of cabin fever? No. The answer for all of us, lies in a space that not only provides spacious light filled working tables,  delicious coffees and movement workshops, but allows for us to connect with a community of like minded individuals. Need some help on your social media platforms, with your SEO or just have a general business question you aren’t sure who to ask? Chances are that the person sitting right next to you might be able to help you with one or any one of those questions. With its beautifully crafted space dreamt up by founder Christina Disler, Werklab provides a space where members can inspire their creativity and work ethic through yoga classes or meditation workshops, followed by a strong coffee and a roomy desk sans distractions. We can’t speak more highly of this space or the community it has created. Werklab offers, different levels of commitment, from a mobile working contract right up to your own personal office space. A month membership makes an incredible gift for any entrepreneur looking to up their game, connect with community and fire things up in 2019.



We love the idea behind giving an experience as a gift, because to us, they are priceless. The lucky receiver then has the opportunity to create memories rather than make waste, and we are definitely down with that. 



Thank you

Hannah + Ainsley 

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