Born to Bloom

Briony x Londre

It's a garden girl summer.


Step into the stunning world of Briony's Garden, a limited-time collection designed in collaboration with Briony Douglas, a multi-talented Canadian artist from Ontario.

Renowned for transforming repurposed materials into captivating sculptures, art installations, and photography, Briony infuses her visionary artistry into this unique collection, inspired by her vision to create wearable pieces of art.


This collection features an intricate floral print, delicately hand-drawn by Briony herself. Described as "Ethereal," Briony's Garden combines her signature use of bright, beautiful colors with our iconic suits. "These colors make me feel happy, and I hope to do that for others too," Briony shares.

Briony envisions the Londre community feeling "beautiful inside and out" wearing this collection. Bloom in beauty with Briony's Garden.



About Londre

Londre was dreamt up on a beach by us, Ainsley Rose and Hannah Todd, while working on a photo shoot in Sayulita, Mexico. We were inspired to create the most flattering, high quality garments with the lowest possible impact.

So far, Londre has recycled over 1 million plastic bottles off of beaches and streets into our sustainable offerings.

Creating positive change in our global community is at the heart of Londre. We use our small business to make quantifiable change for women, minorities, and the environment, with initiatives leading to the removal of 4,500lbs of garbage off of BC's coast, and planting 450 baby corals.

Shop our sustainable offerings, find answers to your Qs or reach out. We'd love to hear from you. 


Ainsley + Hannah