Relationship Status: Out in Nature.


As the day of red roses, chocolate and love is upon us, we thought we would bring you a LONDRE kissed, sealed and approved relationship status, out in nature. We couldn’t help but get excited sharing all the dirty deets, as let’s be honest, the outdoors makes one hell of a lover.


For those of you who have yet to stumble upon our dear friend and fellow adventurer, Andrea Ference’s feed, we will give you the quick low down on @vagabondhearts. Her instagram handle is more of a spin-off to her time outdoors as she travels not to capture an “instagramable moment,” but rather to experience that place, as it is, in its raw untouched naked beauty. This becomes evident immediately as you take a scan through her photos, with nature at the forefront of each picture and discussion. It has almost accidentally become one of the biggest parts of her life, the love she never saw coming.


"When I started hiking and backpacking it was to impress a boy. It was a “fake it until you make it,” introduction to the alpine. I had an ego and felt defeated when I could not do something the way I thought I should. The deeper I got into this world the more it humbled me. A good friend always uses the mantra, “there is no place for ego on the mountain,” and with time I’ve realized this could not be more true”


Andrea’s words echo in our heads to remind us that it doesn’t matter how we started but rather, why we keep going. The greater the challenge can mean the harder the fall (both literally and figuratively), but once overcome, can lead to our greatest rewards and the strongest discoveries on what we truly value. Not to mention… a great way to keep yourself in check.


Andrea goes on to note, "The outdoors has taught me patience, kindness, support, love and respect for yourself, for those around you and for our planet. I love that, as much as you put into your relationship with the outdoors, it gives back tenfold." 


Let’s get real, there’s nothing we love more than a generous lover and the outdoors just so happens to be the King/Queen. The undeniable beauty and moments that take our breath away seem to be endless, as long as we’re up for the adventure (well actually, sometimes, it’s right outside our doorstep, so really all we need to do is open our eyes). As Andrea puts it, "Although I am extremely fortunate to have somewhere as beautiful as the Canadian Rockies as my home, the first step on anyone's journey should be their own backyard." We’ll swipe right to that!


But in all seriousness, we couldn’t agree more. The fact that our VIP front row tickets to nature never expire is definitely something to be grateful for. So why not show her a little love today and say no to using a plastic bottle, single use straw, or even saying yes to picking up that piece of litter on your way to pilates. Trust us, she’ll show her thanks later...


"From the tops of mountains to the bottom of the ocean there is so much more beauty than we could ever conceivably create. The more time that I take to step back and simply appreciate what lays here before us, the more the architecture of our natural world unfolds."


There’s something to be said for the words “natural beauty” that we love to throw around. Little do we realize that this comes directly from the mouth of Mother Earth herself. The more raw, the more untouched, the more authentic the environment, the more beautiful it is to the beholder. Who needs highlighter when you have a sunkissed glow, who needs face spray when you have fresh crystal clear water and who needs a meditation app when you have real birds singing their hypnotic song? And to have all this simply at our fingertips, that my friends, is pure bliss.


On the note of tuning in to nature and tuning out the cell phone buzz… Andrea states, "There is nothing that I cherish more in this world than the space to reset, recharge and simply enjoy the space that I occupy in this world. The more interconnected that our world gets, the more overwhelming it can be. And, especially on social media, I find it very hard to separate myself from expectations, opinions and judgements of others. So creating the space to sit back and really find that quiet to sort through life is invaluable to me." 


We couldn’t help but share this last thought from Andrea, that less, really is so much more. In the way we consume, in our relation to social media, and from the perspective of what we really need.


"There is a Cheryl Stray quote that I have written at the front of my day planner that reads; “I was amazed that what I needed to survive could be carried on my back. And, most surprising of all, that I could carry it.” It sums up pretty eloquently how I feel about my relationship to nature." 


So on this day of love, maybe it’s about time to throw a little your way. Tune out of the buzz, tune out of the “likes” and tune into a little solitude. Tune in to the earth around you and tune in to yourself.


If you need us, we’ll be hosting a fiesta for one, connecting with nature and even further, with ourselves.





You can find Andrea Ference amongst her mountainous adventures at the links below. 




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