If you know us, then you know, that at any given time, we likely have at least one or two half full carts going on in our online shopping browser. The way we shop has however, shifted in the last few years to consciously only choosing brands that are in line with our ethos. Luckily, sustainable options are becoming more widely available, and are even more innovative than ever.  We’ve chosen a few of our recent favs, that have really stuck out for us and are nailing the sustainable game, in fashion and beauty.


For the Ultimate Eco Goddess

Unwrapped Life


Unwrapped Life was founded by two best friends, after a few glasses of wine, so naturally we were drawn to them from the start. Hayley and Arden came down with a bout of eco-anxiety and rather than sit around letting it consume them, they did something about it. Enter Unwrapped Life. These two ladies took their passion for spreading eco-awareness and helping others cut down on common single-use items, to create some incredible beauty staples, all without compromising on style and good hair days. We are currently obsessed with their reusable makeup wipes, that are made out of wonderfully soft bamboo, as well as their deliciously buttery vegan soap bars.


For the Glow Addict



Speaking of an eco-revolution, biossance is certainly at the helm of a movement. They have done some serious r&d to come up with the key ingredient to many of their products, squalane.  Squalane is without a doubt the new liquid gold, and we are down with it in a very big way. Ainsley and I both actually have quite sensitive skin and always found that the more natural products were always too harsh to use, and we would breakout in some sort of mystery rash. Biossance has been our ultimate skin hero, and it doesn’t even sport a cape. Their products range from, glycolic face masks, to cleansers, moisturizers, face spray and many more. However, our new ultimate face glowing secret? Their Rose Hip face oil ( and for body, the squalane). We can’t get over how dewy soft this oil makes our faces, without any trace of a heavy oil appearance. Hello, perfect complexion.



For the Boss Babe

Leze the Label


Ever get so tired after a day of work that you just simply cannot get out of our work clothes? Well, the girls at Leze have created a solution. Work clothes that feel like pyjamas? Yes, please. These pants were created specifically with fit, function and sustainability in mind, and they’ve nailed all three. Their fabric is made from a blend of recycled plastic water bottles and coffee, which help create an anti-stink barrier for everyday wear. These ladies have made looking and feeling like a boss, completely seamless. Their everyday pant in black is a new wardrobe staple, and in our opinion, pairs perfectly with our minimalist.


For the Chic Eco Aware


Harly Jae


In a world that demands everything in an instant, we have become lovers of hanging onto slower times. Slow Sunday mornings spent with the ones we love, slow cooked food and our personal fav, slow fashion. Laila’s designs are inspired feminine vintage pieces that are born from the desire to make a slow shift in a big way. Her clothes have become more than just garments, but rather a movement of retuning to simplicity and timeless luxury. Some our favourite pieces include the Birkin jumpsuit, the Pierrot jacket and the Flores blouse.


For the Love of Locks




We are avid beach wave aficionados and are constantly on the hunt for hair products that keep our hair healthy, without too much effort (because, who has the time??). We have become Davines fans because of the care and thought they put into every product, with organic ingredients that won’t harm the planet or our precious strands. This company puts sustainability forward by not only taking part in a zero impact packaging program, but all of the electricity used in production is from 100% renewable resources. The ultimate hair secret has to be the OI All in One Milk, combined with any of their shampoo and conditioner duo’s which are tailored to every type of hair.


We are so grateful to surround ourselves with, and be supportive of, other sustainable companies in the fashion and beauty space. Together we can start creating an extremely glowy, beautifully dressed sustainable future. Cheers to that!


Happy Holidays!




Hannah + Ainsley

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