We love stumbling on brands that are A. Amazing, and B. Doing something positive to help the planet. We started cultivating a list of a few of our faves and we thought it would be rude not to share. We decided to bring them all together to create a sustainable gift guide that packs a serious eco punch. We thought we’d share these with you before the 25th in case any of you are like us, and still have yet to finish your Christmas shopping.

The Homebody


We know the best days are pre-empted by a good nights sleep. That’s where this luxury bedding brand steps in (ummm did we mention their line is made entirely from linen - one of the most sustainable materials out there). These three ladies chose to focus solely on French Linen bedding to give the rustic look while remaining timeless and elegant. They use only quality materials, that are woven together in an ethical manufacturing process with the highest standards. Flax has just recently come out with a new line of robes, that are already on our Christmas wish list.

The Foodie


We get our groceries from Spud and it is the BEST. First off, they partner with small, local farms to bring the best of local to your table and some of our lifestyle and wellness favourites such as Woodlot and Hives for Humanity. They also sell Beyond Meat and make all of our plant based dreams come true. 


The Busy Bee 


The CBD oil to end all CBD oils. Designed specifically to say sayonara to anxiety, this little bottle can help you tackle anything from that daunting email list to the stress filled holiday season (family dinners anyone?). Their special blend was formulated to include binding terpenes, full-spectrum hemp and mainly CBD (cannabidiol). With Headery your headspace is clear to focus on what really matters. Their oil makes a great gift for someone suffering from anxiety or maybe a pal who could use a bit more chill in their life. *Currently, Headery is only offered in the US*


Literally for anyone on your list (I even have my fiance hooked) 


Not a day goes by that we don’t have at least one essential oil rolling around in the bottom of our purse waiting to be applied the second a headache creeps across our forehead. These tiny oils combine ingredients such as peppermint, lavender and rosemary, to create effects such as cooling, pain relief and immune boosting. All of their products are made from fresh ingredients and some of the packaging is even derived from plastic water bottles (as if we weren’t already big enough fans).

Every single one of these products, we have tried and tested and make an amazing addition to any home or lifestyle. We’ve come to realize how important self care is and have used these products as our building blocks for balance. Not only do they keep us at our best, but they help us stay sane in the the most stressful of times (Hello, Christmas family dinner).

Thank you


Hannah + Ainsley

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