Ainsley and I are just a little into travelling. I’m talking, at least one browser tab always open to google flights, suitcases never fully unpacked and constantly on the lookout for the next destination, kind of travel addicts. One of our favourite locations to explore just so happens to be a sandy beach (who would have guessed), where we can test out new samples for all of you, and maybe get our hands on a margarita or two! However, each time we travel to a remote tropical destination, it seems more and more that ocean plastic has become our unwelcome beach buddy. Plastic bottles dot the shore line, taking the place of precious seashells, as plastic bags drift in with the tide, tumbling to the rhythm of ocean froth and scooping up any marine life that dare stand in its way.


"...the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which now houses more than 1.8 trillion tonnes of plastic"


Unfortunately, each country can be unknowingly adding to another’s plastic waste as a straw makes its journey from the mouth of its purchaser, to the emptied red solo cup in the sand, then picked up by the incoming tide and carried away by the ocean’s currents. Inevitably, ending up all the way on the other side of the world, or worse, in one of the giant floating islands of garbage bobbing in the Pacific (ie. the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which now houses more than 1.8 trillion tonnes of plastic). So… we must ask ourselves what small steps can we take to make a difference?


 "single use plastic accounts for 50% of plastic usage and waste"


For the remaining two weeks of November, we are challenging you to reduce your use of single use plastics. No, we don’t expect you to throw out that plastic yogurt container already sitting in your fridge ( just to recycle it when you’re finished). We’re just talking about avoiding additional unnecessary plastic usage, aka. plastic straws or additional plastic bags/wrapping, which account for 50% of all plastic usage (source: 


So, although we're not always the first to commit, we're certainly not down for any one night stands, plastic (…or other) and we’d like to make this commitment with you to refrain from the purchase or use of any plastic for the remainder of this month. Only 15 days. 


 The Challenge:


  • Ask for "No Straw" with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd drink (and any after that)
  • Get in the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle
  • Bring a reusable bag out grocery shopping
  • Avoid purchasing any products with excess plastic wrapping
  • Support companies that are making a positive change towards sustainability (a few of our current favs are: Lezé the LabelReformationRothy's and Biossance.)



The earth and the turtles, will thank you.


Because... the only plastic that looks good in the ocean is already in your swimsuit.


Written by Hannah Maree Todd


Check out this link for more terrifying Ocean facts: 

Eco Watch

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